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Fair Warning
Seriously!! If you are deeply religious and incapable of handling criticism you are not going to like what follows! Go Away!!

Since you have continued, you are either an Atheist, or someone who is very close to abandoning the last remnants of childhood religion  and who is genuinely seeking validation for what they already know to be true, or another evangelical nutjob who didn't heed the first warning and who is actively seeking offense to justify their martyr complex. So, if you can't take a hint, the following questions will give you some idea of how unsuitable the content of this website is for your delicate senses.

Do you believe:
bullet  That the Earth is only a little over 6000 years old and that it was created in 6 twenty-four hour days?

bullet  That the fossils were put in the rocks merely to befuddle poor dumb humans ?

bullet  That the ridiculous biblical creationism fairy tale is a correct and true account of how we got here ?

bullet  That the human race started with only 2 fully grown humans ?

bullet  That they incestuously populated the earth?

bullet  That there was a flood that completely covered the surface of the Earth?

bullet  That 2 of every kind of animal were put on a wooden boat?

bullet  That those boat people incestuously repopulated the Earth?

bullet  That the bible is true, complete, and accurate?

bullet  That the bible is the best science book ever written?

bullet  that women are inferior to men and must "submit graciously"?

bullet  that humans can come back to life after being completely and truly dead for 3 days?

bullet  That atheism is a religion?

bullet  That this is a "christian nation"

Sorry. The people who tell you what to think are just plain wrong. Those ancient fables have long been known to be, shall we say, fanciful. The old stories are nothing more than ancient urban legends. They are the pre-scientific, unfounded beliefs of our fearful, ignorant, and superstitious ancestors. They were based on uninformed guesswork and are unrelated to fact. They are now known to be, to put it charitably, allegorical. Intelligent, rational, and moral beings should disregard all the above misconceptions and the organized superstition cults which are based on them.

In any case you should Go No Further !

I mean you probably don't read much anyway. There is nothing here for you. It's just gonna piss you off and make you go up a tower with a rifle or something.

Just click on www.fora$100donationyouwillreceivethisworthlesssquareofannointedcloth.com and see what your xian brethren are up to.

 ©The Assertive Atheist

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