Another Warning
Statement of Principle
Mutual Respect
Coming Out
Atheism 101
Assertive Atheism
Ten Commandments
Atheist in America
Christian Nation
The Other Christian God
God Endorses Cloning
Everyone Is An Atheist
Full Realization Atheism
Jesus Was A Horse Thief
Jesus Was A Human
Public Prayer
Size Counts
A Secular Pledge
Judgment Cometh
The Slocum Tirade
Pascal's Wager
Dover Decision Abbreviated
The Brilliance of Jefferson
The Brilliance of Madison
Barker Tears A New One
Gastrich Responds

Affirmations of Humanism
Frequently Asked

Fair Warning!

If you are deeply religious you are about to be deeply offended!

You've been warned!

This web site is a personal statement.
These pages represent my take on the bizarre superstitions, rituals, and dogmatic absolutism - the inanities and insanities - that make up the the current brand of in-your-face, big money, politically connected, megachurch christianism with which this country is currently infested.

These pages may read a little like an indictment. Not surprising considering the havoc that mindless fundamentalism continues to wreak upon humanity. If some find the language and ideas expressed here to be inflammatory or insulting, this is fair warning to read no further. The content is intended for Atheists. Come with an open mind or don't come at all. Those honestly seeking information, opinion, or community are welcome. Don't move next door to an airport and complain about the noise.

If, however, you are yet another red-faced bible waver, who wishes to intimidate with threats of eternal hellfire, or who thinks that such prospects are the way to convince me of your alleged god's love, or who thinks that somehow I just haven't heard the word of jesus yet and that you are the one who is gonna deliver the good news, or if you imagine that you have a single new thing to tell me about god or baby jesus or eternal life or the bible or any of that other superstitious gibberish that I haven't already heard about 9000 times, then

Go Away Now!!

Just click on and have a nice day. You will not like what you find here and you will not convince me that your particular superstition is anything other than the ancient mythology that it obviously is.

And I mean that in the nicest possible way.

The following pages contain what some people think is caustic sarcasm and bitter diatribe, but which I prefer to think of as mordant wit interspersed with biting irony. It is merely commentary on organized superstition as practiced by its more ardent adherents - that is to say mindless fundamentalists who make life miserable for everyone - those who are possessed of unshakable certainty of the kind that only profound ignorance can breed

I have, both online and in personal conversation, been savagely accosted by assorted religionists, many of whom have become hostile, belligerent, and threatening. That is what many of the fundamentalist ilk seem prone to do when someone points out the shortcomings of the conglomerated confabulations and convoluted fantasies which passes for their belief system. God's love seems to bring that out in people.

Never content to practice their religion, they seem intent to practice it on others. Historically, this has occasionally caused hurt feelings.

So, to all the practitioners of biblecraft who've read this far; this is the United States of America. The Founding Fathers, who guaranteed your religious freedom, in the same stroke guaranteed my freedom from your religion. The very least they provided was the right to express my views. That is what I do in these pages. And I may, if the mood strikes, use gratuitous profanity..

These are my opinions and the facts as I understand them to be.

Please don't kill me.