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Statement of Respect
While I take great exception with the foundation and practice of most religion, I fully respect the right of every person to their opinions on religion. As the old saying goes, I would defend to the death the right to say that which I would shout against from the mountaintops. Or something like that.

This web site aims a laser pointer at the crotch of the Worst Elements of Religion (WERE) – those who think that they speak directly to and for their alleged deity, those who imagine a divine mandate to impose their beliefs on others, and those who respect neither the opinions of others on the subject nor the right of anyone to be free from their religion.

These offenders are known by their words and their actions and are, at the very least, open to criticism and juvenile name calling. If the shoe does not fit, get it out of your mouth. Clearly I am talking about some other idiot and you have no right to be offended.

Respect in these matters is a reciprocal thing. The WERE would generally rather their sisters marry Osama Bin Laden – a man of unquestioned faith and resolve - than an Atheist. We are the most despised political or social minority in America, based not on any empirical propensity for crime or misdeeds, but because that is the party line of the dogmatic and the devout.

In other words, we get no respect, at least not from the WERE. To hear some talk, they would like to see a bounty on us. I fear that a return to “traditional values” would not work in our favor.

Former most powerful man in the world does not believe that Atheists are patriots or should be considered as citizens .

Because, ultimately, our life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness are at stake, the subject of religion – every aspect of the subject - is open for intense examination and frank discussion. When I see something stupid or hateful or bigoted or unconstitutional or unfair or just plain wrong, I will say so. Deal.

Ridicule is fair and should be expected when you say that shit about me and your sister.

If I say anything that is factually incorrect, bring it to my attention and I will fix it. I have no interest in propagating falsehood – it does me no good whatsoever and I don’t want it on my website.

If you just don’t like what I say, start your own web site. No one has a Constitutional right to never be offended.

If you think I have abandoned the high road, compare and contrast what I write against the history and humanity and goals of the WERE. With that perspective in mind, read and decide who's on a high road and who is not.

With all due respect...

 ©The Assertive Atheist

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