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The Other Xian God


Christianity just gets weirder the farther away from it I get. It is founded on the primitive belief in "The One True God". That alone is bizarre enough, but it gets even weirder.

Things were complicated by a charismatic traveling preacher 2000 years ago who set a new, and as yet unsurpassed, standard for pretension by claiming to be the actual "son of god". You know, the father and the son at the same time in separate bodies, praying to himself, unable to get himself out of a legal jam, etc. If he were actually a physical manifestation of "god" - the creator of the entire universe and the puppet master of all mankind - it would not seem that a little human suffering would have been all that much of a hardship. As for "dying" on the cross when "godhisownself" could never be actually killed or harmed in any way by a human… well, that seems a little theatrical and insincere to me. And as for dying for our sins? Who asked him? And the "Holy Ghost"? What is that all about?

Yep, they believe some really weird shit. But what's even weirder is how christians are in such denial over their other god.

I am talking about an entity with powers apparently as strong and far-reaching as godhisownself. An entity who has the same ability to extract souls as "god". An entity who has the ability to micromanage and meddle in the lives of 6 billion individuals on this planet - same as "god". And I'm talking about an entity who, by all accounts, has a great deal more success in luring converts than "god". That's right, I am talking about Satan - by all evidence, equal in kind and equal in power to godhisownself.

Seems to me that, since they are from the same place, made of the same stuff, and have similar superpowers, then they both qualify as gods. Sure, Satan started out as an underling, but like in a lot of organizations, some bright guy with a new idea and dissatisfied with stodgy, top-heavy, and glacial management and with zero partnership potential, breaks away and starts his own gig. In this case, the former pupil has done very well for himself and has grown in stature and power, and certainly in following, to a point where he is apparently able to fend off all efforts to shut down his franchise.

In short, I contend that Satan fully qualifies as a god and that he is, for all intents and purposes, equal in strength to "god". And being nominally unique to christianity (and its related cults) he truly is the other christian god.

BTW, that means that even in christianity, there is not a "one true god" unless in christianity 2 equals 1.

For the record, I only point out what is implicit in the stone age horror story we know as "christianity". I don't believe any of this shit. As an adult I also know that there are no monsters under the bed, but try telling that to a child.