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Godless Bastard - A man with whom I can identify
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Evolve Fish - Darwin stickers and other stuff
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Churches ad hoc - An excellent satirical photo essay by Herman Krieger
Landover Baptist Church - The most hilarious religious satire on the web
The Onion - Political Satire
The Great God Contest - The Mother of all Contests
The Celebrity Atheist List 
Edwards v. Aguillard - 1987 Supreme Court decision against creationists
Conservative Web Watch - Somebody's gotta report the liberal side
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Astronomy Picture of the Day 
No Answers in Genesis
Heavens Above - View times for ISS, Shuttle, and 1000 satellites

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SoloTrek - The future of personal flight
Wills Wing - State of the art personal flight
Scaled Composites - State of the art aircraft

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