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Kitzmiller v. Dover

A distant relative is thrilled by the court's
decision. "'Bout fuckin' time!" says Bobo.

Science Kicks Religion's Ass

In 2005, a group of xian fundamentalists who had taken over the Dover, PA school board, attempted to ignore Supreme Court precedent (Edwards v. Aguillard, 1987) and sneak an endorsement of biblical creationism, under the guise of "Intelligent Design", into the public schools Science Curriculum.

The school board was sued by a group of parents. In the end, all but one member of the school board were removed from office, but only after squandering hundreds of thousands of dollars from the school budget.

More importantly, in December of 2005, the forces of this dishonest and anti-constitutional effort were dealt a brutal, stinging, humiliating, and far-reaching defeat from a Republican judge in the US District Court in Pennsylvania.

In the decision, the judge essentially called the creationists liars and called ID a "breathtaking inanity". The decision is a thorough dismantling of the idiots who wasted public funds trying to push thinly disguised religion as Science in the public schools.

The actual court decision is a very entertaining and educational read and will certainly be cited in all future cases against the liars and christianist thugs who remain undeterred in their efforts to cripple Science education in this country.

Originally, it ran 139 pages. I have provided an edited version below from which I've removed many pages of extraneous footnotes and citations which are irrelevant to the casual reader. What is left is just the meat, making it much shorter and easier to read. I got it down to 40 pages.

I urge everyone to read and familiarize with this case because it was a huge win for the forces of sanity and reason on this planet.

Click to Read Kitzmiller v. Dover