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Frequently Asked


AXD - alleged xian deity. Mythology. See LPD Biblecraft – see witchcraft

Creation Science – a flagrant oxymoron. A 15-yarder. A malicious and cynical misrepresentation in an effort to prop up the ridiculous and obviously false bible creation fairy tale - such apparently being deemed necessary for the perpetuation of xian cult's founding superstition, particularly the badly failed "biblical inerrancy" component. The necessity to bend reality to fit the ancient and ridiculous creationism myth causes some really bizarre explanations. Frequently hilarious, sometimes very frightening.

Faith - the belief in things that cannot be detected or proven, without evidence or in the face of contrary evidence. Also an admission of ignorance, and worse, a rigid determination to not be swayed by indisputable facts. (see Superstition)

FRA – Full Realization Atheist. One who has had the epiphanal realization that we live in a universe devoid of the ancient gods. The full, clear realization that they just simply do not exist. And all that that implies.

Fundamentalist - from the Latin 'fundamentum', which means anus! I am not making this up!

GSX - good solid xian. The ones most likely to get on the roof with a rifle.

Liars for Jesus - xians - especially those of the fundamentalist ilk who, to put it charitably, don't always check their "facts". They will say anything, making it up on the fly, to justify their position. Online, in threaded discussions, they will state obvious falsehoods, and even after being corrected and shown proof, will continue to regurgitate the same inaccuracies in another forum. To them, truth is less desirable than "THE TRUTH". Flagrant misrepresentations are their stock in trade.

LPD - Locally Popular Deity. Called "God" or "Jesus" in these parts. The LPD, like the OTR, changes at the border.

OTR - One True Religion. There are as many as 4000 OTRs by some counts. The 3 largest OTRs are Xianity, Islam, and Hinduism.

RBCFT - ridiculous biblical creationism fairy tale. An ancient fable - one of many - which inaccurately portrays the beginning of the Life, the Universe, and Everything. It is an obvious mythology which, stunningly and in the face of contradictory facts and common sense, is held as "TRUE" by the xians. It is also falsely and cynically touted as "creationism science" in a corrupt and occasionally successful effort to inject xianity into the schools while supplanting actual fact-based Science.

Religion - the method by which knowledge is ignored, denied, and rejected. The antithesis of Science and Reason. The belief in things that cannot be detected or proven, without evidence or in the face of contrary evidence. (see Superstition)

Science - the method by which knowledge is acquired and validated. The opposite of religion.

Shoe Test - Shorthand for "If the shoe doesn't fit, don't wear it." If you encounter something insulting in these pages, make sure you fit the profile before you get all pissy and write me an email which I am not gonna read anyway. And, if the shoe does fit, that is to say if it is true, then it can't really be insulting anyway, can it?

Superstition - the belief in things that cannot be detected or proven, without evidence or in the face of contrary evidence. (see Religion)

Taliban - the future of America if the fundies and the christian conservatives get their way.

TRUTH - a strongly held opinion which (a) is usually unrelated to FACT, and (b) changes at the border.

WERE - Worst Elements of Religion

Witchcraft – an ancient belief system which involves magic, bizarre chanting, casting of spells and curses, an ancient and frightening sacred black book, pleading to dangerous and unpredictable spirits, exhorting favors from unseen entities, and belief that the laws of physics can be altered or suspended by the chantings, flailings, and admonitions of certain "gifted" people. Indistinguishable from religion. (See Religion)