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Full Realization Atheism

"Jesus Thug" - Rick Wingrove

FRA is the Science- and Reason-based confidence that ALL religion is obvious mythology. It is the crystal-clear understanding that "God", and all related lore, is a ridiculous and transparent fairy tale which has no bearing on, or connection to, objective reality. Arrival at FRA can be almost epiphanal. Once FRA has been achieved, many things become stunningly obvious, such as:

"God" does not - can not - exist and that there is nothing to fear from such vengeful and unpredictable gods;

Gods and ghosts and goblins are all the stuff of ancient legend, invented around the campfires of ignorant and superstitious cultures before the dawn of knowledge;

There is no life after death or continuation of consciousness or memory (read brain activity) after the cessation of electrical activity in the brain;

There will be no heavenly reward for those who have suffered enough, or who gave enough money, or who did crazy shit because someone said that godhisownself told them to, or in general lived a life focused on misery, deprivation, and self abasement and forced others to do the same;

  Jesus does not love you;

  Jesus is not your best friend;

  Jesus is not alive, he is not here in the room with you this very minute, and he is not coming - ever;

  Jesus does not walk with you and he does NOT talk to anyone except the insane;

  Jumping through the "Jesus hoop" will not win one eternal salvation and preferential entry into eternal bliss;

  Satan - the other christian god - does not exist and that people are responsible for the bad things that they do.

  There is no Santa Claus and there ain't no such thing as a free lunch.

  Man created "God" in his own image;

  There are no monsters under the bed.

Full Realization Atheism is irreversible short of brain damage. Once one has broken the bonds of the ancient superstitions and the childhood indoctrination and has recognized "God's" mythical nature, and all that that implies, one is capable of moving forward and acting as an informed and rational Human. And all that THAT implies.