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On Being An Assertive Atheist

"Tower of Babble" - Herman Keieger

Like smokers in the '50s, when smokers lit up wherever and whenever the hell they pleased and when there were people of authority actually telling us it had a positive soothing affect on the body, many of the xian ilk feel free to express their love for the Baby Geezus just any old place or time they like regardless of the beliefs or sensitivities of others present. More and more frequently, there are people present who do not share their beliefs and who do not appreciate a room full of smoke. It is in increasingly bad taste that they continue to impose on everyone and assume it is harmless. Frankly, I am embarrassed for people who show their ass in public that way. To me they are revealing themselves to be backwards and superstitious and wearing their informational deficiencies like a badge of honor.

As a hard, assertive atheist, I am no longer willing to let such things go unchallenged, keeping my mouth shut while some gibbering maroon is billowing poison in my face. Whenever someone, in a fit of bad manners, brings up the subject of their primitive superstitious beliefs, I consider the subject open for discussion and I feel free to make certain that that person understands that not everyone present considers pursuit of the xian mythology to be a worthy endeavor, and that some find their public displays offensive in the extreme. I will state my position in declarative sentences. I have, over time, abandoned subtlety. I make every effort to keep it from escalating beyond the verbal. Haven't been hit yet but I know some of them wanted to.

I feel it is important that the publicly religious always be challenged when they start spewing their nonsense around. Like the comedian Gallagher said on the subject of stupidity, you have got to call them on it or they will think it's ok. And that is not just because they are pathetic and embarrassing but rather that, when push comes to shove - and it inevitably does - they are dangerous.

If history has taught us anything, it is that the religious have no sense of humor. It has also taught us that the religious will kill you for having an opinion that varies from theirs, even if only a little. Wars have occurred over minor scriptural interpretations. The religious can not be depended upon to behave responsibly or to give a shit about your so-called Constitutional rights.

Mindless religion is a cancer on the Human race and should be abandoned by all ethical, reasonable, and intelligent Humans as soon as possible. Ideological absolutism, mostly religious, has caused more death and suffering than any other Human-instigated force in history. Religion, as practiced today, only seems to bring people together for the purpose of focusing their hatred on others. Religion drags us all down.

Even in times of peace, religion is a vile and hurtful institution. Religion, in its highest profile form, is used to separate the rubes from their cash dollars. Wealth and healing are promised, money changes hands, and nothing is delivered except promises that only go into affect after you are dead. Despite the fact that the customers never come back to complain, religion is the biggest scam in the world. Big preachers have big boats and private jets.

Religion is an enforced ignorance which works to defeat reason, and is readily embraced by the most ignorant and violent people on the planet. THAT alone oughta be a clue. It is also embraced by the merely complacent who can not be bothered to question the ancient and primitive beliefs. Such complacency is not harmless - it enables and empowers the hateful, the ignorant, and the intolerant. Religion is embraced by quivering anti-sexuals, violent racists, gay bashers, and clinic bombers. The most hate-filled people on the planet find their justifications in scripture.

In a 1988 interview , George Bush Sr. stated that atheists should not even be considered as citizens or patriots. One can only wonder about the level of dedication to, and understanding of, the Constitution such an ignorant and hateful statement betrays. One can also wonder that if top lawmakers are hostile to atheists, what protections and tolerance can we expect from them when times turn harsh and the gloves come off.

When George W. Shitforbrains Forrest Gumped his way into the White House, he created, by presidential directive, the patently unconstitutional, xian-centric "faith-based initiatives", putting the US in the business of funding religion. Oh yeah, lest I forget, they also want to keep such organizations free from the same constraints as all other federally supported programs must adhere to; in other words, to do god's work they must have a free hand to discriminate and practice their local brands of exclusion and bigotry. You know... pretty much the opposite of Constitutional and legally acceptable behavior.

Sadly, and to my great disappointment, Barack Obama has chosen to further perpetuate this travesty.

Such attitudes have forced me to adopt a more assertive tone. We are one of the smallest and most powerless minorities left and the one that is the most acceptable to revile and discriminate against without any fear of public scorn or legal repercussion. We've been silent long enough. Until the American Taliban (known to some as the Republicans, to others as the Impeachmentarian Assholes, and to everyone as the Angry White Christian Man's Party) puts a bounty on us, we must strive heroically to make our small voice heard. So raise up your voice and yell:

Hey, W - smoke this!