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Atheist In America

Photo by Herman KriegerTo be fair, it is not like Atheists in this country currently have to hide in friends' attics to escape another xian Inquisition - not yet anyway, unless George the Appointed, Rob Schenck,, James Dobson, and Pat Robertson get their way. Church attendance is not yet mandatory and we are, allegedly, protected from theocracy by the 1st Amendment of the Constitution.

But, we (Atheists and other non-xians) live amidst a vast xian majority population which harbors an open, institutional hatred and intolerance for those who do not subscribe to their Bronze Age god-myths. Atheists (and other non-xians) are having their rights trampled and have a right to feel somewhat threatened.

Given: Xianity, like Islam, has a built-in requirement for aggressive, unfettered, no-holds-barred proselytization. Xianity has a history of power and privilege. Government, despite strong historical guidance and Constitutional prohibition, shows open favoritism for xianity, open disdain for atheism, and utter lack of concern for protection of minority views on religion. Government passively permits an unconscionable policy of allowing every snake oil salesman with a satellite dish or a used circus tent to get away with the most brazen, money-hustling charlatanry as long as said charlatan invokes the name of the alleged xian deity during the commission of his scams. Government exhibits a cowardly unwillingness to enforce laws imposing tax penalties on religious organizations with obvious partisan political entanglements. Xianity dishonestly asserts that freedom of religion and freedom of speech are, despite their clear delineation in the 1st Amendment, the same thing, thereby signaling ignorance of, and/or open contempt for the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment and their unwillingness to be constrained by it.

As I've stated elsewhere, privately held beliefs are of no consequence, but today in this country, xianity actively and aggressively seeks to impose their primitive superstition upon everyone, hiding behind the Constitution on one hand while seeking to subvert it on the other. Churches jealously guard their tax-free status, while brazenly engaging in partisan politics.

Xianity managed, in a flagrantly unconstitutional manner, to get itself governmentally approved by forcing the inclusion of the words "in god we trust" on all our government-backed currency. Many rabid fundamentalists, without any regard for historical accuracy, claim that we are a "xian nation", despite the fact that the founding fathers intentionally and purposefully wrote the Constitution and the Bill of Rights as secular documents to preclude just such a possibility. They demand the inclusion of the biblical ten commandments death manifesto in court rooms while dishonestly claiming that the verses taken directly from the xian bible don't have anything to do with a particular religion. They insist that the ridiculous biblical creationism fairy tale be taught in Science classrooms and that the Science of Biological Evolution is NOT science and should NOT be taught. And they insist that their prayer ritual be imposed on everyone, regardless of religious affiliation, in secular and inappropriate settings, while again claiming dishonestly that it is not about their particular religion.

Maybe there is not a bounty on us yet, but do not doubt that the rights of non-believers are under assault daily. It is one form of discrimination that is still perfectly acceptable in this country. Theocrats continue to drool and wait for the day when they can rightly ascend to the head of government and teach a few people some badly needed lessons. It is unlikely that anyone in the current xian-controlled congress will ever come to our defense.

So, never forget this about the more aggressive elements of fundamentalist religion: the truth is not in them, they are NOT nice people, and when times get hard, there will be a bounty on people with web sites like this.

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