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About Me

Rick Wingrove is a citizen, a veteran, a voter, a parent, a taxpayer, a homeowner, a Constitutional patriot, and a hard, assertive, full realization Atheist American. He is of the opinion that politics wed to religious fundamentalism is a recipe for disaster, and that government joined at the hip with religion has always been very bad for the notion of individual liberty.

He also thinks that George W. Shitforbrains was the most deficient president in American History, who was rejected by the voters, but who managed to Forrest Gump his way into the White House where he floundered in ineptitude until September 11th brought surly nationalism back into vogue and made people willing to ignore his inadequacies even as he shat daily on our Constitution, our freedom, our dignity, and our standing in the world.

Rick expects the new guy to do better.

Rick is interested in motorcycles, photography, woodwork, advancing the understanding of Atheism, keeping our nation a secular democracy, and paying off his daughter's student loans.

Rick is a freelance web and graphic designer. Sadly, there is not that much money in professional atheism.

Rick lives in the fundamentalist theme park of Virginia near DC, where he is appalled daily by the stupidity, corruption, and pure evil emanating from inside the Beltway.